Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beatness is Occurring

Yesterday was my "rest" day in my training program. The rest of my team actually rests on Sundays, but I asked our trainer Jenn if I'd be able to swap my Sunday rest for a Friday. I really love working out on the weekends and to have an entire Sunday with no work and no working out would drive me crazy (or at least since drinking or eating good food are both out of the question)!

Since I rested yesterday, I made up for it today. Kickboxing was at 10am with my Team Fitness Jenn, then I went to the gym and did our Shoulders and Back workout at 2:30 - after peeling myself away from a yummy Paul Walker movie that I got sucked into, haha. Finally, my team mate Krystle and I went for a 4 mile jog on the Spring Lake boardwalk into Belmar to check out the Belmar Pro surf competition.

My body is completely exhausted and all I want to do is to go to sleep, but I'm fighting the inevitable so that I'll hopefully sleep through the night. Whenever I do more than one workout my body always shuts down and wants to just go to sleep. I'm also not the least bit hungry. In fact, the thought of opening up one of those chicken-filled tupperware containers makes me nauseous at the moment, even though I've only eaten twice today and its 8pm. I've definitely noticed that I'm starving Monday-Friday and lose my appetite on the weekends. I think its a sign that advertising burns far more calories than any of us ever thought possible ;) Wouldn't that be nice... Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.